Emma Watson and Amanda Seyfried Take Legal Action After Private Photos Were Hacked

Emma Watson and Amanda Seyfried are included in the list of celebrities whose private photos were stolen. Reportedly, the hacked snaps were posted online recently. The two stars are the A-listers in the latest leak. But, there may be other individuals involved. It is still unclear how the photos were acquired and leaked. The two actresses have reportedly

Tyra Banks Replaces Nick Cannon In America’s Got Talent

  Tyra is now smizing her way to the reality competition series. Tyra Banks is done coaching everyone on how to smize after 22 cycles of America’s Next Top Model. Now she has been tapped to replace Nick Cannon as the host of America’s Got Talent. The veteran supermodel and former America's Next Top Model host will present

Ben Affleck Ends Rehab Treatment For Alcoholism

  On Tuesday, Ben Affleck revealed that he just completed treatment for alcohol addiction. He posted a candid statement on his Facebook page. The actor-director said he wants to be the best father as much as he can. He wants to show his children there is no shame in seeking help. He also thanked

Criss Angel Gets Hospitalized After Stunt Went Wrong

Criss Angel was rushed to a hospital after losing consciousness during his Las Vegas show, Mindfreak Live! last week. According to several witnesses, Angel was hanging upside down from his feet. He was making an attempt to get out of a double straitjacket when the incident happened on Friday. Though the stunt is something

Pregnant Ciara Involved In An Awful Car Crash

Ciara was caught up in a horrifying road accident on Friday afternoon. According to sources, an SUV crashed into the front passenger side of her vehicle. The R&B star is currently pregnant with her second child. Apparently, she was driving her white Mercedes SUV in LA. She was making a left

Taylor Swift Gets Man Arrested For Stalking And Break-In

Earlier this week, a man named Mohammed Jaffar was arrested in the Taylor Swift’s New York City building for stalking, trespassing and burglary. It appears that Jaffar took his Swift enthusiasm a bit too far. The 29 year-old was arrested after allegedly stalking Taylor Swift over a number of months in New York City. The news of the

Is Alex Rodriguez Dating Jennifer Lopez?

  On Wednesday, reports got out that Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are dating. An anonymous source claims the two have been seeing each other for several weeks now. The source added that J.Lo “seems excited” but is also guarded. In fact, the New York Daily News reported the two have been dating for months already. They have been seen

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck Call Off Divorce

It has been almost two years from the time Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck announced their separation after 10 years of being married. In spite of that, according to sources close to them, there may still be hope for their marriage. Garner and Affleck have supposedly put a halt on their divorce at the moment. They