Coco Austin Proudly Breastfeeds Her Toddler


It is a fact that breast is best. And it appears Coco Austin knows this after she revealed she is still breastfeeding her 15 month-old daughter, Chanel Nicole.

On Tuesday, the reality TV star said her toddler is “still going strong” when it comes to breastfeeding. She shared their bonding moment in a video on social media.

The 37 year-old glamour model also posted charming videos of her baby girl napping. She shared them on Snapchat for fans to see just how adorable she really is.

“Every day I can’t wait for nap time because all of these snuggles and love,” Coco whispers in one clip.

In the videos, Chanel naps in a white and pink polka dot outfit while Coco rests next to her wearing a skimpy purple top and pajamas. The cute girl sleeps soundly while holding onto her mom.

Moreover, the sexy dancer and web personality disclosed some of her mothering approaches. “The main question I get from mothers is am I still breastfeeding and the answer is yes, she’s 15 months and still going strong,” Coco revealed.

It seems she and rapper husband Ice-T have been enjoying raising their daughter. And she is already turning out to be a feisty little girl.

“She seriously bit me the other night, too,” Ice-T said at an event. The devoted  dad continued, “So I’m laying on the bed…she’s picking my fingers and all that and my finger managed to get into her mouth and she just [bites] and I’m like, ‘Yo!’ Like, ‘What’s really good?'”

Coco is certainly loving motherhood. However, she recently said it’s not without its challenges. In a funny Instagram post last week, tiny Chanel cut into her mom’s sexy closet selfie.

“When u attempt to take a sexy outfit pic & baby and dogs won’t let you. lol It’s tough to balance everything but I like the challenge,” she captioned the humorous photo with Chanel and their bulldog, Max.

Coco tied the knot with rapper-actor Tracy ‘Ice-T’ Marrow in January 2002. The couple welcomed their first child together in November 2015.

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