Details Richard Simmons Missing

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Details- Richard Simmons Missing

Why is the public being told that Simmons is still recuperating from a knee injury?  The knee injury was mentioned way back in 2014.

Those near him wonder why he is not allowed visitor and has not been seen in public.  Wouldn’t he want to go out if only for the grocery store?

Does he have agoraphobia?   Has he ad a huge weight gain? Has he had a mental breakdown? Has his  house manger taken him hostage?

In a recent interview Simmons commented about sadness raising fears that he may have a mental illness.

Richard has been such a fixture in the wellness community that some find it odd that he would completely withdraw from any public contact

into his gated home.

gated home of Simmons


Despite all the possibilities, the recent podcast created by Dan Taberski elevated the idea of Simmon’s disappearance to national attention once again.

The 68-year-old dancer’s former employee Mauro Oliveira believes that Teresa has been controlling Simmons’ life which could be the reason of Simmons’ disappearance.

But in an interview , Simmons denied the allegations that his housekeeper has been controlling his life which is believed to be the reason of his absence in public. “No one is holding me in my house as a hostage, I do what I want to do, as I’ve always done,” Simmons said.

Missing Richard Simmons Podcast

If Richard says he’s fine the why a need for a podcast to discuss his disappearance?

Where’s Richard.

This first episode tells of a visit to Richards workout studio.  It was touching.

His housekeeper is described as his best friend.  Then he sort of vanishes.

Response from his team:

The same allegation was also denied by his publicist Tom Estey which he describes Oliveira’s statement as “complete load of crap.”

“Simmons just made a choice to live a more private life,” said Estey.

Does he owe us an appearance to alleviate fears and rumors?

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