Jimmy Kimmel Is All Set For The Oscars After Getting Help On The Ellen Show

Jimmy Kimmel gets ready as he is scheduled to host the 2017 Oscars. Ellen DeGeneres gave him a hilarious makeover, complete with a face mask, sauna pants and a waist cincher.

The late-night TV show host dropped by The Ellen Show to get some help from the 2014 Oscars host. He also sat down to discuss the rumors on his retirement, Ellen’s birthday bash and much more.

On her show, Ellen asked Jimmy about the retirement rumors that surfaced after he did an interview that apparently has been taken out of context.

Jimmy explained that he still has three years left on his contract until 2020. He said he’ll maybe think about what to do after that. Nonetheless, Jimmy claimed he absolutely didn’t say he was already leaving.

The Ellen Show host probed on Jimmy’s nerves. However, she thinks that Jimmy will be all right in his hosting gig. She also wanted to find out more about the battle between him and Matt Damon. Jimmy made light of Matt’s nomination jokingly and the interview cut to the recording of Matt’s roast last week.

Jimmy teased it was tough talk from a man wearing 11 bracelets. Amusingly, he said he is sure that Matt won’t be flinging an Oscar at him because he won’t be winning one.

On a different note, Jimmy declared that Ellen’s birthday bash was the best party he has ever attended. He lauded her house and joked that she really made the best of Bed, Bath and Beyond coupons.

He added that there were so a lot of celebrities there and he was surprised that Ellen had real connection with Justin Bieber. Ellen explained she tries to give him advice about what’s happening in his life.

And to help Jimmy get ready for the 2017 Academy Awards, Ellen brought out “resident beauty expert and crazy person”, Kym Douglas. Kym reminded Jimmy that he only got a couple of days to prepare. “You’re thinking we could have used more time?” he asked. “Because Oprah told me I’m beautiful just as I am.”

“This is like a horror movie,” Jimmy quipped as Kym put a face mask on him. “I should have an axe or something.”

The beauty expert fastened a waist cincher around his body then made him wear sauna pants. “Now that you have a great waist, I want to do something. Everyone is like a [size] 000 at the Oscars, so get in your sauna pants—you’re going to love them! They’re going to be all nice and warm and toasty when I plug you in and turn you on.” Kym said before telling him to jump on a trampoline.

“I’ve been looking for a way to be sweatier down there. It’s quite warm,” Kimmel snorted.

After all was said and done, the host joked, “So I keep doing this until Sunday? If I have to pee, do I go in the sauna pants?”

The 2017 Oscars red carpet coverage will start on Sunday, February 26 and will be followed by The Oscars ceremony.


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