Britney Spears’ Lifetime Biopic Gets Criticized

Last Saturday, the biopic of Britney Spears entitled Britney Ever After aired on Lifetime. And the viewers didn’t hold their criticisms back.

The two-hour movie detailed the key moments in Britney Spears’ tumultuous life and career. The film stars Natasha Bennett as the pop icon, along with Nathan Keyes as her ex-boyfriend, Justin Timberlake and Clayton Chitty as her ex-husband, Kevin Federline.

Although, some people laughed and others laughed harder at the Lifetime movie, fans were captivated by how Justin Timberlake was portrayed. They were sold on the scene where Justin pretended to take a complimentary call and told Britney, “He wants to know if you are, in fact, the bomb diggity.”

Indeed, the film made sure to take account of all the greatest and catastrophic parts of the singer’s life. While it definitely drifted over a few moments, the show did succeed to make viewers smile, cry, gasp and some feel unimpressed.

Fans are familiar with Britney’s dramatic rise from a Mickey Mouse Club teenybopper to a legitimate pop idol. Despite knowing it, watching the process all over again truly brought out mixed reactions.

The story started with Britney’s character shooting her new documentary where she bluntly admitted that she has no control of her life.

Then, there was Reg Jones. Once it became clear that the songstress was on her way to stardom, Britney’s mom, Lynne Spears, urged her to hide her boyfriend from the media.

A birthday surprise was also seen. However, it wasn’t the birthday party that was astonishing, but what happened next. Britney went from an innocent pop princess to a cigarette-smoking star. And just a few minutes later, Justin arrived to relish their first kiss. After an exchange of “I love yous” they seemingly had sex.

The alcohol problem of Brit’s father became fully apparent in the seaside scene. Britney had to tell her mother to hold him inside so he doesn’t get seen by the press. In the same act, the group went home only to find out that they’ve been robbed. Apparently, the burglars also took Britney and Justin’s alleged sex tapes.

The biopic also showed the finalized divorce of Lynn and Jamie. Even though it was a long time coming, Britney was not handling her parent’s split too well. However, Lynne’s retort was what stunned the viewers. “I don’t want this to push you into one of your funks,” Lynn said to her distraught daughter.

The introduction to Kevin Federline was also flabbergasting. Felicia Cullota said, “Did you hear that his nickname was ‘Meat Pole’?” Felicia is Britney’s friend and longtime assistant.

Britney’s manager, Sam Lutfi, was not depicted in the best light. His character basically attempted to control the pop star’s every move. In order to take advantage of her, he tried to control her. Every event in the film Lutfi was in was appalling and cringeworthy.

In spite of the numerous low points in the iconic pop princess’ career, Britney Ever After has shown that Britney continually thrives. With her Las Vegas residency, she is undeniably slaying it with sold out performances, new music and a newfound love.


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