Grammys 2017: Nerve-Wracking Moments In A List

A number of the most momentous happenings in the industry were presented at the 59th Annual Grammy Awards. But the show was also packed with moments that put everyone on edge.

Even with many hours of preparations ahead of the awards night, some performers’ acts were still tainted by technical difficulties. Nonetheless, the musicians resounded through them as any professional would.

Although microphones that malfunctioned are not the fault of artists, there were episodes throughout the Grammys that made a lot of viewers slightly nervous. And despite some cringeworthy moments that transpired because of lousy production, there were deliberate actions that made people flinch too.

Here is a list of the 2017 Grammy Awards’ greatest show-stopping moments:

  1. James Corden opens the awards night with a tumble.

While Corden’s fall was totally planned, seeing him tumble down the stairs made viewers cower and grimace from the pain he possibly suffered. And although he got back on his feet pretty quickly, it makes one wonder how he did it as if falling is absolutely normal.

  1. Twenty One Pilots Goes Pantsless.

Twenty One Pilots’ Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun accepted their very first Grammy Award in their underwear. They won the Best Pop Duo/Group Performance for Stressed Out. As the duo stood up to go onstage, they took off their pants and went up to accept their award wearing boxer briefs.

  1. Adele stops her George Michael tribute.

The presentation for George Michael went amiss which made the British songstress utter profanity. She asked the ensemble to restart the piece from the beginning.

The award-winning singer said, “I know it’s live TV. I’m sorry!” She continued, “I’m sorry for swearing and I’m sorry for starting again. … I can’t mess this up for him.” After resuming, she nailed the tribute with a pitch-perfect act. Despite the initial hitch, the impressed audience gave her a standing ovation.

  1. Beyoncé leans back in her chair on top of a table.

In any given situation, the diva’s act was completely terrifying. The very pregnant Beyoncé made everyone freak out for herself and her unborn twins’ sake. Any viewer surely gasped as her chair tipped back while on the edge of a table.

  1. Metallica gets audio issues plus Lady Gaga crowdsurfs.

Metallica’s blazing performance started shaky as lead vocalist James Hetfield’s microphone failed to work.

Good thing Lady Gaga saved the day. She offered her own mic to the heavy metal icon.

And just before their performance end, Mother Monster decided to crowdsurf! She jumped into the sea of fans and surfed for a moment before making her way back on stage. Breaths were certainly held during her feat as she could possibly drop at any time.

Indeed, the 2017 Annual Grammy Awards on Sunday, were filled with quite a number of awkward moments but artists surely believe that the show must go on!


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